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All Buts Stink!


How to Live Your Best Life and Eliminate Excuses The best-selling book by Walter Bond DISCOUNTED TO $15.00 when you buy this: VISIONARY LEADERSHIP with WALTER BOND (click) In this book, there are loads of lessons to learn. There is the reassurance of a progressive future and a motivation to reach for the stars, since anything is...

Get Bonded (E-Book)


Love, career and just life, in general, are difficult to navigate most of the time. With this personal Get Bonded E-book, you get to learn from the experiences of Walter and Antoinette Bond and avoid certain pitfalls. It’s like your very own manual to life! Whether single or married, issues are spotlighted on how to build and...

All Buts Stink! (E-Book)


How to Live Your Best Life and Eliminate Excuses The best-selling book by Walter Bond What is standing between you and your dreams? Whatever it may be, let this enlighteningAll Buts Stink! E-book guide you on eliminating the ‘but’ obstacle from your life! Making excuses is much easier than executing your plans and that is why...

Book- The Off-Season for Financial Advisors


Dramatically change how you view business growth and development with this game-changing ‘The Off-Season for Financial Advisors” book that is everything you need for your business and more! The hustle and bustle of a busy work life leaves hardly any room for elaborate plans that will affect the future of your organization. Deliberately taking the time off...

SWIM! (Book)


This power-packed book is what you need to swim like a shark in the sea of life! Written as an interesting story of networking, mentorship, and connection, it is literally a parable! This engaging tale features real-life challenges and presents solutions in a simple mannerthat every reader can relate to. Motivating you to prioritize business connections and...



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